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Hosted Trademark  Management Systems

Your trademarks @ your fingertips

Keep your trademark records in a hosted version of WebTMS, the profession's most sophisticated trademark recordkeeping, trademark docketing and trademark management system. There is no hardware or software to buy: just sign up and log on.

Trademark record keeping
Trademark docketing
Trademark management


bulletno investment in hardware, software or tech support
bulletno installation, no IT Department or expertise needed 
bulletno maintenance; it's all done for you
bulletworld-wide 24/7 access to your cases
bulletpay only for the number of records you need
bulletall the functionality of a "big firm" system

Product Features

bulletA series of cross indexed modules for all types of IP related data
bulletworkflow wizards to automate your practice
bulletfull text records with images and scanned documents

Pricing: a fraction of the cost of traditional systems

bulletFrom $500 per quarter (for up to 500 records with 2 users). Click here for full price list. 

How to sign up

bulletDecide how many records you need to store in the system
bulletDecide how many Users you need
bulletGo to the Sign up Wizard and fill in the screens
bulletStart using the system immediately

Training and support
Download the User Guides and email or call to schedule a free telephone training session

Terms of Service
Please take the time to print out and review our Terms of Service



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